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Are you thinking of trying out a new brow look that will accentuate your natural features without being too distracting? Then you need to call our Morristown permanent makeup specialists about a powdered brow tattoo. This kind of tattoo can give you a full, stunning brow, but its signature “misty” look won’t draw attention from the rest of your look.

Here’s more good news about this service: Powdered brows are semi-permanent. So, if you’re looking to try out a new tattooed-brow look without committing fully, you’ll find this option to be a great way to test out the waters. This feature allows you to experiment with different brow looks without running the risk of committing to a look you might not be happy with.

Call our Morristown permanent makeup specialists if a powdered brow tattoo sounds right for you. We have the experience and the skill to apply beautiful powdered brows that will accentuate your naturally beautiful features without distracting from them. Call us to set up your appointment with one of our makeup specialists today for this service. While you’re at it, consider getting a permanent eyeliner to go with it – the two complement each other marvelously!

Flaunt a Stunning Vintage Look

If you’re a woman who wants to impress with a timeless, eye-catching look, you can’t go wrong with a vintage pinup girl style. While you can emulate this look pretty closely with appropriate clothing, hair, and makeup, you can’t overlook the importance that your eyebrows have when it comes to truly achieving this look.

Pinup girls from the 1940s sported a distinct solid eyebrow — one which very few of us will achieve naturally. If you want to sport this kind of brow, you can’t beat a powder brow tattoo. Our permanent makeup specialists will help you enjoy a beautiful, timeless pinup look that will get heads turning and help you overflow with confidence.

A Beautiful Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Solution

Perhaps the biggest draw about a powdered brow tattoo is its subtle look. While a bold eyebrow can be a great look, you may find yourself leaning more toward something that will simply accentuate your features without catching much notice. For that purpose, you can’t beat powdered brows thanks to their soft look that fade to light from the tail of the brow.

Another great feature of powdered brows is their semi-permanence. Maybe you’re looking for a new brow but don’t want to commit too much to it? Then powdered brows are for you since they will begin to fade after about six months, leaving you open to try a new style. If you’re ready to try out this subtle, temporary look, call Merci Beauty today.

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