Areola Restoration

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If you’re in the market for quality areola restoration services in Morristown, you need to look to no other than Merci Beauty. Our permanent makeup experts can restore your sense of confidence by fashioning a realistic-looking areola. Paired with microneedling, this service can get you looking and feeling your best by modifying the shape, size, and color of your areolas.

Areola Repair

When your areolas become damaged for any reason, you may find your sense of confidence waning — especially during your more intimate encounters. Since this problem can have a significant impact on your overall quality of life, you need to come to us for an areola restoration when surgery or any other factor has left you feeling less than confident in your appearance.

Breast Cancer/Mastectomy

After winning your battle with breast cancer, you may find yourself dealing with another problem: damages done to your areolas during the process. With areola restoration, we’ll restore your breast’s natural beauty and help you feel more confident in your skin.

Breast Reduction

After a breast reduction, you might notice that your areolas are no longer proportionate to the rest of your breast. What’s more, the areolas are bound to be scarred from the process. In any case, you need to come to Merci Beauty for an areola restoration. We’ll get your newly reduced breasts looking all-around great by blending everything together.

Uplift Surgery

An uplift surgery can also give your confidence an uplift. Of course, if the process has left your areolas looking damaged or perhaps simply disproportionate, then you may not be able to fully enjoy the personal benefits of a lift. If this is the case with you, you need to come to us for an areola restoration that will help you get the most out of your uplift.

Pre-&-Post Gender Reassignment Surgery

After undergoing gender reassignment, your areolas probably no longer look as symmetrical as they did before because of all the changes your body has gone through. To get yourself looking your best post-surgery, come to our Morristown permanent makeup clinic for an areola restoration.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Needlessly large breasts can harm your confidence, but a reduction can fix that problem. What’s more, our permanent makeup specialists can fix the problems that occur to your areolas throughout that process. With an areola restoration, we’ll get this part of your body looking blended and great after you’ve gone through the Gynecomastia surgery process.

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